When a politician makes a stupid political decision they need to be told their political decision was stupid otherwise democracy does not work.

Politicians make political decisions that effect people’s lives all the time and sometimes they make those decisions without thinking through what the consequences of their decisions will be.

When those political decisions cause problems then people, reporters, journalists, bloggers and voters and media in general need to tell the politicians that the political decisions are causing problems and clearly and with facts state what those problems are and demand that the politicians do their jobs and correct the problems that their political decisions caused either by reversing, cancelling or modifying the political decisions.

Likewise when politicians are planning to make political decisions and people can see that either the political decision seems to be just a new version of the previous failed policy that caused problems or a new policy that most likely will cause serious problems but that the politicians are not noticing the likely problems in their desired political choice because they are not thinking through the causes and effects of what they are doing then people have to speak up and say why the politicians plans are most likely to not work and will cause problems.

The above process is at the heart of a working democracy and for democracy to work politicians need to be clearly told by people, reporters, journalists, bloggers and voters and media in general when politicians make mistakes or are about to make mistakes, what the mistakes are and demand that the politicians correct the mistakes they have made.

Democracy is the best thing we have, do not let politicians ruin it, use your freedom of speech and challenge politicians ideologically and factually when they have made mistakes or when they are about to make mistakes.

M. Lindfors

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